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Quick links: Jack French | Get a Life | Agent Scarecrow | Battle of the Four Kingdoms

Jack French

Play the part of Detective Jack French in these murder mystery Flash games. Collect clues and conduct interviews with the suspects to break down the cases.
Category = Adventure games

Jack French 1: All Roads Lead to Paradise

A young college student is found dead in her cozy apartment... Who would want to kill an innocent Japanese girl? Is it an accident, a murder or a suicide?

Jack French 2: The Good Dr. Ferrer

Everybody loved Dr Ferrer. He was successful and charismatic. Yet, the brilliant and prosperous physician was murdered last night. Can you solve the crime?

Jack French 3: Jack French and the Seven Dwarfs

Jack French is back in the craziest episode ever and investigates a handful of murders. Can you make a link between the crimes and catch the serial killer?

Get a Life

GAL is a Sim game in which you: choose a fully-customizable character, build up unique talents and abilities, explore the City and interact with other characters... You will have to deal with attractiveness, reputation, jealousy, etc.
Category = Sim games

Agent Scarecrow

Agent Scarecrow is a choose-your own actionventure game. You play the part of Mike, a regular guy who is mistaken for a secret agent.
Category = Adventure games

Battle of the Four Kingdoms

BOT4K is a turn-based strategy game. It is reminiscent of Risk and Civilization but in a Lord of the Rings settings. Will you successfully lead your army to victory?
Category = Strategy games

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